We Offer A Range Of Audiology Services

Hearbase offers a range of audiological services to general practitioners and their patients. These include the latest hearing aids, specialist audiological applications and a range of tests for industry.

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Our services include:

A comprehensive diagnostic audiology service:

This is available at local private hospitals. It provides adult and paediatric support for GPs and their patients and ENT/paediatric consultants.

We do this by offering diagnostic tests to help in the assessment of hearing disorders, health screening, pre-employment screening and medico-legal assessments, including electophysiological testing.

Special facilities

When an ENT opinion is not necessary but hearing levels need to be established, Hearbase offers one-stop evaluation to help in the management of the hearing impaired patient.

Special facilities allow us to conduct behavioural audiological tests with children of all ages. The availability of Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry gives us access to the ‘Gold-Standard’ in paediatric hearing evaluation. This is used when there is a suspicion of significant sensorineural loss. Test results are in reported or unreported formats.

A complete range of the latest hearing aids:

information for gpsThis includes models that fit out of sight in the ear canal or those which use the latest digital and remote control technology. All hearing aid fittings are supplied with a comprehensive warranty and supported by an extensive aftercare programme.

The service is particularly suitable for patients who need sophisticated solutions to hearing problems that are beyond NHS provision. It offers a fast and effective option for patients needing cosmetically acceptable solutions to their hearing loss, but who wish to benefit from the advantages of a clinically-based hospital service.

Individual hearing protection: This incorporates the latest noise filtering technology. This allows conversational speech to be heard at normal levels while potentially damaging high intensity noise is filtered out. We offer a range of solutions to suit even the most hazardous noise environments.

For further information contact Hearbase on the number below:

0800 028 6179