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Widex IIC Invisible Hearing Aid

Widex IIC

If a tiny and discreet hearing aid is your top priority then the new Invisible-in-Canal model from Widex offers the perfect solution.

Because it is so small it is placed deep into the ear canal, so no part of it can be seen. This gives not only better sound but much more comfort too.

And its clever, all-in-one design, means that all its electronics are placed within its shell to provide the ultimate small fit. It has no joined parts and therefore no hard edges - adding extra comfort for users - and making it extremely durable.

Each Invisible-In-Canal hearing aid is custom made to ensure a perfect fit and this means that users can better determine where sounds are coming from.

Designed specifically for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and good manual dexterity, this new model, despite its tiny size, comes with outstanding Widex technology.  It does not just allow users to hear speech or loud noises but all the sounds around them.

This means that all its functions are adjusted instantly depending on the environment, even when going from soft to loud noise. And it also allows the wearer to focus on the direction sounds are coming from without turning their head - perfect for driving for example.

The technology also makes it easier to hear in more difficult situations such as watching television, listening to music or using a mobile phone.

This tiny model is easy to use as well as there is no need to adjust the volume, no need to change programmes and it can be worn in all kinds of listening environments.

And a special wax guard protects the Invisible-In-Canal hearing aid from moisture, earwax and dust.

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