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SleepFit ear plugs

SleepFit plugs – for a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is something we all strive for. It helps us perform better and contributes hugely to health and happiness. Yet so often our sleeping patterns can be disturbed, leading to sleepless nights.

If this goes on for some time it can affect our performance at work and our personal relationships. Lack of sleep makes us grumpy and irritable and can lead to health problems.

Figures have revealed that 58 per cent of people in the UK have at least one bad night’s sleep a week, with 18 per cent not getting enough sleep most nights.

Get a good night’s sleep but stay in touch with the world

Noisy neighbourhoods, shift working or a partner who snores can all affect our sleep but there’s no need to carry on suffering.

Wearing ear plugs will help you to get a good night’s sleep but it is vitally important they are the right kind. You need to reduce the ambient noise around you but you still need to hear important sounds, such as an alarm clock or a smoke alarm.

Comfortable to wear

Custom-made plugs, such as SleepFit ear plugs, are ideal. provide the perfect answer as they are comfortable to wear and will stay in all night since they are made to fit the contours of your ear. They will dramatically reduce the noise around you but still allow you to hear the important sounds.

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