Musicians' hearing protectionWhy is protection needed?

The hair cells in our ears are very sensitive and exposure to loud noise can easily damage them.

Once damaged, our hair cells cannot grow back and our hearing is permanently affected.

So it makes sense to look after it as much as possible and when playing in a band or orchestra musicians should always wear hearing protection.


Custom-made earplugs for musicians have many advantages. They are comfortable and easy to wear because they are specially made for your ears.

They will protect your hearing, but also give you good awareness of environmental sound for safety purposes. Ambient noise is reduced but the clarity of music is maintained.

Many musicians, including Pete Townsend and Eric Clapton, have developed tinnitus as a result of years of playing music in front of loud speakers. Musicians in orchestras face similar dangers from loud instruments. More and more are wearing hearing protection.

ER and PRO range

We recommend the ER and PRO ranges of protectors as they retain the sound reproduction without distortion. It sounds like turning down the volume of the radio which is why they are suitable for people working in an environment where retaining sound and speech is very important.

Musicians hearing protection


Standard hearing protectors (disposable and pre-shaped) are not suitable. They often suppress more sound than necessary and the higher frequencies are suppressed disproportionately. This causes the natural sound to be strongly distorted.

You can find out more about custom-made hearing protection for musicians here.

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