Protect Your Ears While Having Fun In Water

Ear protection for water sports

Water sports: Earplugs help stop infection

Many swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts such as wind surfers and sailors wear ear protection.

Spending long hours in the water can cause problems for ears and custom-fit waterproof plugs will help keep them safe.

Wearing ear plugs specially designed for the water can help prevent:

  • Water entering your ears
  • Earache
  • Ear infections or “swimmer’s ear”
  • Perforated eardrums
  • Other complications

They are especially good for people, particularly children, who are prone to ear infections after swimming.


Prolonged exposure to water can be damaging to ears and can cause infections. Dirty water can deliver bacteria to the ear canal and a wet ear canal is also prone to dermatitis.

This can cause tiny cracks or splits in the skin which allows bacteria to enter so it makes sense to prevent this by wearing earplugs when taking part in any activities in water.

People who need to keep their ear canal dry following surgery, or if suffering from other conditions, will also benefit from these custom-made moulds when, for example, showering.

Custom-fit Swim Plugs give excellent protection while swimming, taking part in other water sports and showering.

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