Worried About Your Child’s Hearing?

Children's servicesHearbase offers a range of diagnostic children’s hearing tests in conjunction with ENT services.

We also accept referrals from GPs and you may also self-refer if you think your child has a hearing loss.

Expert assessment

We can routinely test children from the age of three years. We can also make special arrangements to test younger children and babies.

Marta Lopes is the audiologist who leads our children’s services. Her caring and professional approach will ensure that you and your family will receive the highest standard of clinical care.

We can help in the diagnosis of developmental and speech delay, can confirm normal hearing when there is a family history of hearing loss and can diagnose glue ear and other middle ear disorders.

If you have received conflicting opinions about your child’s hearing we can give you a definitive assessment.

A range of hearing tests

Some of the ways we assess hearing include a conventional hearing test, normally appropriate for children aged four and upwards. For children aged three to four we use play audiometry.  Distraction testing and other specialised procedures are used for babies and toddlers.

We use tympanometry to diagnose glue ear and other disorders. Oto-acoustic emissions testing helps confirm normal hearing in children without the need for active co-operation, together with other electrophysiological techniques.

Simple and clear reports

If you are referred by your ENT consultant the test results will be supplied to them so you can discuss them at your next appointment. If you have self-referred the results will be given to you. Our audiologist will be happy to explain the findings and give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Our children’s services are provided from:

Convenient appointments

If tests are carried out as part of an ENT consultation the consultant’s secretary will make all arrangements.

If you would like to self-refer, our paediatric audiologist is happy to talk to you about the best way forward.

Ring us on our freephone number 0800 028 6179 to make an appointment