Treating hearing loss

Hearing loss affects millions of people

Treating hearing loss can help to keep cognitive decline at bay and improve people’s quality of life.

This is because we rely so much on our hearing to take part in everyday life, such as conversations, social activity and work.

Hearing loss is something that affects millions of people, whatever their age, though it is more common as we grow older.

In the UK about one in four people over 50 have some form of hearing loss. More than 70% of people who are hearing impaired are over 70.

Positive impact

Hearing loss should always be taken seriously. It needs to be professionally diagnosed and should be treated with the best solutions available. This is because addressing a hearing loss has such a positive impact on people’s quality of life.

For those who experience a gradual hearing loss it may go unnoticed by them as they slowly adapt. But it is important hearing loss is treated because sufferers may be unable to hear doorbells, phones and alarms – including smoke alarms. They may also be unaware that they are upsetting neighbours with high volumes on televisions or radios.


Research has shown that not treating hearing loss may increase the risk of cognitive problems and even dementia. This is partly because people who can’t hear well tend to withdraw from social occasions because it is hard for them to take part in conversations.

You can read more about the signs of hearing loss here and if you would like some tips on how to approach the subject of hearing loss with someone click here.

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