Hearbase - diagnosing hearing lossThere are many tests which help us diagnose hearing loss as sometimes the causes can be complex.

In adults, hearing loss may be gradual, as in age-related hearing loss, or it can be sudden, as in some viral infections of the inner ear.

If you, your friends or family think that your hearing is getting worse you should see your GP. More than 70% of people over 70 and 40% of those over 50 have some hearing loss.

There are a range of tests to help diagnose the extent of any hearing loss. These usually take place at an audiology clinic at a local hospital or health centre.

 Who Diagnoses Hearing Loss?

  • An ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist
  • An audiovestibular physician (doctor specialising in hearing and balance problems)
  • An audiologist (a specialist in the testing of hearing and fitting of hearing aids)

When examining a person with hearing loss a doctor will want to know how it developed and what sort of problems it causes.

They will also perform a physical examination. An electronic device with headphones (an audiometer) and other equipment is used to test the degree of hearing loss.

Diagnosing hearing loss at Hearbase's clinic at the Chaucer Hospital, CanterburyLatest technology

Hearbase has been working in audiology for more than 25 years. We have always taken pride in applying the latest technology in diagnosing and treating hearing loss in Kent.

Our Canterbury clinic at The Chaucer Hospital (pictured) is our main base for diagnostic testing and hearing aid assessments. Our custom-designed facilities meet the highest international standards.


We are a leader in diagnosing hearing loss in Kent and one of the premier companies in the United Kingdom for the fitting of digital hearing aids.

Our hearing centres have the latest diagnostic equipment which ensures that we fit hearing aids to the highest clinical standards.

Our clinical team all hold degrees in audiology and are trained to provide a high quality of technical service. They will work hard to understand your hearing difficulties and help you to overcome them. Read more about our staff here.

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