Hearing Loss Affects Millions Of People

Millions of people, whatever their age, are affected by hearing loss, though it is more common as we grow older.

Most peopleHearbase and hearing loss begin to lose a small amount of hearing between the ages of 30 to 40.

This loss gradually increases the older we get so by the age of 80 most people will have significant hearing problems.

In the UK about one in four people over 50 have some form of hearing loss. More than 70% of people who are hearing impaired are over 70.

Hearing loss may be very gradual, as in age-related hearing loss, or it can be very sudden, as in some viral infections of the ear.

A Range Of Tests

If you, your friends or your family think that your hearing is deteriorating you should see your GP. There are a range of diagnostic tests available, usually at an audiology clinic at a local hospital or at a health centre.

Hearing tests are used to assess your ability to hear different sounds and to find out if there are any problems. It is important that hearing tests are carried out so that the right support and treatment can be provided.

Free First Assessment

A number of different tests are used to check how well the ears are working and their ability to detect different levels of sound. They are all painless. A graph called an audiogram records the test results so that the type of hearing loss can be identified.

If you think you need a hearing aid and live in Kent or south east London, then come and see Hearbase. We offer a hearing service from a range of locations. Our initial assessment is free and completely without obligation.

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