Why two hearing aids are better than one

Wearing two hearing aids gives the best result

Nature gave us two ears and they work better when used together. That’s why two hearing aids are better than one.

Years of research have shown that many people with hearing loss in both ears benefit from being fitted with a hearing aid for each ear.

About 80 per cent of people with hearing loss have it in both ears, especially if it is age-related.

Yet some people wear a hearing aid in only one ear.


When you have two hearing aids you can take better advantage of the way the brain processes sound through what’s known as “binaural” hearing.

Amplifying only one ear when both have a loss can put you at a disadvantage. It can make it more difficult to:

  • Hear when it is noisy
  • Understand speech
  • Detect where sounds are coming from

It can also result in straining to hear and cause fatigue. Studies show that even when a hearing loss is worse in one ear, most people with a loss in both ears will benefit from wearing two hearing aids.

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