Behind-the-ear, In-the-ear or In-the-drawer?

Which digital hearing aid is right for me?

There’s a big choice when it comes to hearing aids

Today’s digital hearing aids are smaller, lighter and neater than those of even just a few years ago. They are also more powerful and some are so discreet they are virtually invisible.

Digital hearing aids vary in design, from those that sit behind the ear to those which are placed deep into the ear canal.

You should consider these points before deciding on which type to choose.

Smallest not always best

These include the level of hearing loss and the dexterity of the wearer. The idea of a very inconspicuous hearing aid worn in the ear or in the ear canal may be appealing, but the smallest hearing aid is not always the best.

Hearbase is Kent’s largest independent hearing company and the county’s largest independent digital hearing aid provider.

We have been working in audiology for more than 25 years. Throughout that time we have taken pride in applying the latest technology to the problems of hearing loss in Kent.


We carry a wide range of hearing aids, from the most straightforward to the most sophisticated. Together we can discuss the pros and cons of the various models before deciding which solution is best for you.

Remember that you will have a chance to discuss your individual needs in detail at the time of your hearing assessment.

Follow the link below to read more about the pros and cons of the various digital hearing aids on the market. That way you will have an idea about which might suit you.

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Whatever type of hearing aid you prefer our audiologists will be able to advise and guide you in your choice

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