Summary of Professional Qualifications:

Mark Scutchings

Mark Scutchings

HNC (Physics)
Fellow of the Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists
Member of the British Association of Audiologists
Member of the British Society of Audiology
Registered with the Health Professionals Council
Registered Clinical Physiologist
Diploma In Clinical Ear Care

Mark has worked in audiology since 1980, both in the NHS and private sector. He has experience in a wide range of audiological disciplines, including electrophysiology, electronystagmography and paediatric audiology.

He has been managing director of Hearbase since the formation of the company about 15 years ago and has also served on the Council of the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals.

Mark has been involved in a number of charity projects concerned with the hard of hearing, both in the UK and overseas. These include fitting 34 children in Romania with hearing aids donated by people in Kent and by hearing aid manufacturers.