Our Work Within The Community

Hearbase is involved in a range of community activities associated with hearing-related issues. We have carried out surveys into noise levels in cinemas, problems with non-working loop systems and the noise risks associated with a range of occupations.

You can find links to some of these stories on our news page.

community activityCanterbury Festival

We support Canterbury Festival – the largest celebration of arts in the region and one of the most important cultural events in the south east.

Hearbase is a corporate member of the organisation, which each year attracts an audience of about 70,000 people of all ages to more than 200 free and ticketed events.

Hearbase’s managing director Mark Scutchings said: “As a local company we are very pleased to be involved with something as prestigious as Canterbury Festival.

“I feel that it is very important that businesses support this kind of event as a way of reaching out and being part of the local community.”

The festival features a range of attractions, including music, theatre, dance, comedy, science, exhibitions, walks and talks.

This year’s Canterbury Festival runs from October 14 to November 4. More details here.


Hearbase has worked with charitable organisations for more than a decade, both in this country and abroad.

community activity

Some of the children in
our Romania project


Between 1998 and 2008 Hearbase helped children with hearing difficulties in Romania who had no access to hearing aids or clinical support.

Hearbase director Mark Scutchings, together with other volunteer hearing aid audiologists from across the UK, helped 34 children in Baia Mare, Transylvania, Romania.

We fitted the children with hearing aids donated by Kent people and hearing aid manufacturers. The project helped the children to hear, learn to communicate and develop into employable and independent young adults.

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

community activity

Hearing dog Bumble

In 2008 Hearbase became involved with the charity Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. We raised £5,000 to sponsor Bumble, who was placed with Jill Roach from Thanet.

Jill suffered hearing problems from a young age but became severely deafened following an operation to relieve acute vertigo symptoms.

The money raised by Hearbase covered Bumble’s initial selection, training and placement, right through to the aftercare.

Noise awareness

Two years’ ago Hearbase launched a noise awareness campaign which has focused on educating people about the risks of noise. Through this campaign we have:

  • Made a journalist ‘deaf for a day’ using custom ear moulds to muffle sound and asking them to complete everyday, ordinary tasks
  • Tested loop systems in shops in Canterbury to see if they work and if staff know how to use them
  • Measured the noise levels people in Canterbury listen to on their mp3 players for a research project
  • Measured the noise levels at cinemas in Thanet, Canterbury, Folkestone, Dover and Ashford
  • Examined seven professions (zoo keeper, hairdresser, new mum, teacher, musician, gardener and librarian) to see who has the loudest job