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Hearbase is the largest independent digital hearing aid provider in Kent.
We provide custom hearing protection, diagnostic hearing tests and a range of services to industry.
If you have a hearing loss or are concerned about your hearing, please take a few minutes to look at our website, then call our freephone number to take the next step.

Balance Investigations

Find out more about our vertigo and balance service by following this link


Digital Hearing Aids

Hearbase for digital hearing aidsHearbase offers a quality, clinically-based, hearing aid service at many of the leading private hospitals around Kent and at other selected locations.

We use the latest diagnostic techniques, combined with first class care and support.

It has been proved that treating a hearing loss will have a positive impact on quality of life. In addition to helping you to hear better, hearing aids can help you to feel better by reducing the social consequences of isolation and communication problems.

Free Assessment
Our initial assessment is free and completely without obligation.